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We are a group of travel addicts who're trying to make travel easier, more fun, and more relaxing.

We understand these may bother you...

All of a sudden you want to travel

but you've got no plan...

No one likes your travel plan

so you have to compromise and change...

Some things are better

when they’re shared with others

(meals, a taxi, you name it!)

You've traveled alone for a while.

Suddenly want to find someone to talk...

Alleygo is how we tackle solo-traveling problems happen in our life.

It’s a resource that you can read to formulate ideas for your next trip.

It’s a compass to help you discover routes off the beaten path.

It’s a way for solo travels to connect with like-minded people.

We want to help you get out and explore the world wherever and whenever you can!

The Founding Team

Patrick Wei / CEO

  • In-depth travel enthusiast. Been traveling to 10+ countries. High-end hot spring hotel planner.

  • Former sales in electronic product industry for new product market expansion and access to suppliers for UBNT.

  • Coordinator for several private and high-end group tours.

Azure Chen / CTO

  • Casual travel lover. Hit the road whenever time and mood approve. 

  • Senior front-end and App engineer for 5 years. Former developer in HTC VR team.

  • Accumulated rich experience in product-to-market by launching several Apps alone.

Travis Lai / Design

  • Design geek with 15+ years experience. Keeps looking for better solution to fulfill target user.

  • Won second team award in  Qualcomm UIUX competition.

  • Been solo-travel to 10+ countries. Keep searching for special spots of breathtaking view, discovering small shops in the alley or fun and exciting activities that remarks new adventure.

Meryl Yang / Marketing

  • Travel-holic. Started solo-traveling since age 18. 

  • Problem solver and entrepreneur. Co-founded a social business and helped MNC expand business in Southeast Asia.

  • Experienced PR, Digital Marketer and Sales in diverse fields.

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