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Travel should be on your own terms. No more comprises.

Hit the road whenever you please with Alleygo helping you find the right people along the way!

Our recipe to experience the best trip:
Freedom + New Friends + Unique Adventures = An Unforgettable Time

Meryl Yang

As a foodie solo traveler who eats like a bird, I've tried various ways to eat as many kinds of food as possible, including using hand gestures to tell the vendor that please only give me 1/4 of the smallest size... It's fun to take challenges but most of the time I fail and that frustrates me.

Thanks to Alleygo, now by one post, I can find other solo travelers nearby who also interested in the cuisine! Alleygo helps solve my problem and makes my trip even more fantastic!

Patrick Wei

I love visiting the bazaar to check out some vintage knickknacks, enjoying the ambiance in the local cafés and doing the grocery shopping like the locals. I don't have friends with same travel habits in my daily life, thus I usually have to travel alone. 

With Alleygo, I can find the right crew to enjoy and share the trip the way I want! It's an ultimate solution for people to travel in the most relaxing way.

Linda Lee

YOLO! I love to make new friends when I'm traveling. But people in the hostels often already had plans and I seldom got chances to talk to them...:(

When my friend introduced me Alleygo, my first reaction was: Yes! That's what I need!

Now with Alleygo, I can search for people whose plans are similar to mine. I don't wait in the hostel anymore. I travel with my new friends from Alleygo!! :D

Travis Lai

Exploring local's secret path and follow their footprint to each corner of the city is always fascinating for a lazy traveler like me.  Alleygo is a smarter and faster channel to explore what locals have discovered and found the travel companion with similar interest to explore the city together. It’s not only a new adventure but also enjoying every minute of the trip to its fullest.

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